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cicabio baume lavant


The 1st eco-biological cleansing balm which promotes healing from hygiene

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Cicabio Cleansing Balm has been specially designed for all fragile skin in order to promote healing of the skin upon cleansing:

1. It gently cleanses the skin thanks to an antibacterial agent and mild surfactants. Impurities are removed to prevent the risk of infection, thus helping to improve the healing process.

2. It soothes weakened skin and gently cleanses it thanks to its anti-friction balm texture containing AntalgicineTM, inspired by a soothing ingredient naturally present in the skin. Feelings of discomfort and itching are reduced. Daily cleansing of weakened skin is comfortable and easy.

3. It protects the skin thanks to biomimetic lipids provided by shea oil and squalane.

4. it hydrates the skin thanks to a moisturizing agent, inspired by those naturally present in the skin. The weakened area is kept in a humid environment to promote healing.


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