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Intimate Rejuvenation

Intimate Rejuvenation

Intimate Rejuvenation

Intimate Rejuvenation is a treatment that helps improve the appearance, and performance of the intimate tissues, restore a firmer muscle tone, enhance sexual function and boost self-confidence.


A lot can cause the intimate area in both males and females to change; such as childbearing, hormonal changes that can affect the intimate tissues, age and menopause in women. While in men; age, diabetes mellitus, arteriosclerosis and vascular anomalies can cause changes in the intimate area.

Diva Tight:

laser technology for females, allows the doctor to customize the treatment based on your symptoms and what you want for the desired result to be achieved. The laser beam emitted helps stimulate mucosa contraction and new collagen production to regain normal elasticity, tighten it, enhance lubrication and improve related symptoms. The Diva Tight laser treatment helps resurface the walls, improves tissue health, improves symptoms of urinary incontinence resulting from vaginal atrophy and reduces symptoms such as dryness associated with menopause. This treatment takes a few minutes and a slight pressure sensation will be felt during the treatment.



treatment for males is a treatment that stimulates the formation of new vascular structures on the shaft and around the genital area at the same time. It enhances performance and erectile dysfunction due to vascular causes.


This treatment is painless and has no side effects. 5 to 8 treatments are needed, which will be broken down into sessions to ensure a successful result. A positive change is often noticed just after the first session.


At Prima Derma Center, our experienced dermatologists can carry out this treatment for you if you have these related concerns.